Early Cancellation of orders and restocking fees of products and or services will be charge a cancellation and or restocking fee up to 30% of your total order if orders are not cancelled two hours before scheduled delivery. Some store items may or may not be authorized to return due to regulations. These items are state Laws that prohibits us from returning items that are damaged, time sensitive and or state regulated merchandise. All orders must be placed ahead of time to insure accuracy and product availability. If you have a return that falls under laws that are state regulated that prohibits us from returning those items we are able to give you a store credit only. All return request must be made at the time the driver has reach your location. Otherwise we would only be allowed to give you a store credit as well. For same day deliveries we can not guarantee product availability due to store’s restocking scheduling and additional fees may apply if a secondary store is necessary. If you prefer to wait until the store is restocked to have your missing items delivered it will be no charge to you. All cancellation must be done before team members are on route to stores and to the designated locations to not be charge additional fees and you will be reimburse the order amount.

All orders placed through our online catalogue have the adjusted price that covers our service fee based upon how much is bought. Service fees are subject to change due to store initial prices that may or may not increase daily, weekly, or monthly. Our prices may vary due to stores not being an affiliate of our company and or sales that may be for a limited time and may be more or less than our original estimated price that causes us to charge you more or less for those products. Orders placed through order form have service fee and pickup percentage fee based upon how much is bought. All products on our online catalog are subject to change due to store’s discontinuing of products and or recalls on any particular products. All or some products may be limited to one store if this happens as a result of a store not being your primary store additional fees may apply. As a member and or none member if you’re not completely satisfied with our services and or deliveries that we mistakenly delivered the wrong items we will give you a complete refund in the amount of those products in questions as well as a store credit in the amount of that order. The original receipt copy of the transaction would be necessary and required. As orders are placed through our order form we will updated our catalog weekly.

 Authorized Users

If you’re an authorized user on the primary account holder account and place a delivery through us that requires an Id even though you are an adult 18 or older but younger than 21. We have the right to call the primary account holder to confirm the order of those products and services that are in question such as Alcohol, tobacco, firearms weapons and accessories as well as medications and any other miscellaneous deliveries.

The primary account holder has to sign authorization and release of confidentially form for those services and products in question before those services that require Photo ID can be delivered, secondly it releases us from any responsibility regarding any incidents explained or unexplained that may or may not occur before and after deliveries have been made.

We are prohibited from making any deliveries to minors 17 and under and 18 -20 that require ID or to be 21 or older by the state. For those items the primary account holders must be present to sign for them. Our corporate website in which you access our information constitute a legal binding agreement and that you agree to these terms of use between you and our company. Market Place Delivery has the right at any time to modify these terms. By continuing to use our website you agree to be bound by such modifications. Furthermore, these terms of use are modified and additional policies, terms and or conditions are imposed. Correspondence emails, if you send us emails in regards to any issues to our services, you are consenting to receive communications from us electronically. Any of our correspondence in regards to our services and issue that may arise will be done through email or public notices on our website and that you agree that all and any necessary changes to our notices, disclosures and other communications that we provide to you is acceptable and that you are in agreement with us Market Place Delivery.

 How Market Place Delivery Uses Your Information

Market Place Delivery will not share your information in regards to your personal information which includes but not limited to name, address, email, telephone number, credit card information neither membership levels to any third party who is not affiliated with us. To better serve you and potential new customers, we use your personal information in reference to delivering of products and services and marketing materials to you in forms of direct mail (home address or Po Boxes), and or notification through e-mail. furthermore, Market Place Delivery uses these information to insures the accuracy of our services. These services includes but not limited to our products, and or services, requests you may have, programs, and or demographics. Market Place Delivery will conduct research in the forms of market analysis or to improve our services we offer to you. Market Place Delivery will transfer your information to our service affiliated providers who uses your information to ensure the accuracy of our business model. In reference to state regulated requirements that requires us to do so by law we may disclose your information.

 Market Place Delivery Property Rights and Copy Rights

The contents shown on our corporate websites and associated websites are the property of Market Place Delivery and its affiliates. Any misuse and unauthorized use of our contents on our websites are monitored daily and any unauthorized use of our website may result in state and or government regulated fines that can include imprisonment. We love to have you as a continued valued customer, but if you are caught using our goods and services as a commercial commodity that resale for personal gains, we have the right to automatically remove your account and be permanently discontinued from using our sites. Furthermore, Market Place Delivery corporate website and its contents are protected by regulated copyright, trademark and other laws of United States and international regulations. No content may be used for personal gains. These contents included but not limited to materials that are copied, and or reproduced, distributed, and or republished, downloaded, and or displayed, posted or transmitted without consent of Market Place Delivery. You may not use Market Place Delivery name, logo or other trademarks for any purpose without the written consent of Market Place Delivery. Any notices of alleged infringement that pertains to Market Place Delivery in regards to compliance with the DMCA and other applicable laws, Market Place Delivery will delete materials if properly notified of the materials in question that intrudes on another’s property rights. We have a right, and the obligation to monitor areas of our corporate website for security and the safety of our consumers of information and materials that are no longer necessary and unsafe. Market Place Delivery will disclose any contents shown on our website and or records, for the purposes of law regulation, or court order to protect Market Place Delivery and our affiliated affiliates.

 Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to us, and the information you provide to us in regards to our services only help us to improve our services. Details of how you use our services are analyzed and help us to develop a better solution for your satisfaction and protection. We will update our website periodically based upon the results of the information we have collected. Before any major updates takes place towards your privacy we will ask permission to allow us to update your privacy settings.

 Commitment Plans

If you purchase any of Market Place Delivery services under a rate plan requiring you to maintain a minimum amount per order or maintain a certain amount of deliveries per week you are agreeing and accepting our Term Commitment plan. Term commitment consist of month to month, or 12 month service plan based upon what delivery services were needed. Early termination fees of signed contracts/commitments terms will be disclosed with your final agreement.


If you have a dispute or complaint in relation to our products and services notify us immediately in forms of email (, mail (Po Box 1654 Alachua Fl, 32615), or call us at (352)-281-0128(option 5 and then option 7).


Market Place Delivery values your safety and security of you using our website and that we will monitor and fix any of our inconsistency in regards to connection seamlessly and efficiently. Frequently we will update our (SSL) technology and our security features to insure your safety.

As part of these terms of use, usage information, property rights, copy rights, commitment plans, complaints, security and or return policy from stores affiliated and or not affiliated with us, you are in agreement with Market Place Delivery and our affiliated shareholders, and that you agree to not hold us responsible in response to any allegation that may arise due to the related services that we offer or have done. These services include but not limited to use of our website structure or the currency in which we restructure the website to better suite our current revised business model that may limit your access to our website. Secondly you also agree that you will also not hold our affiliate partners they include but not limited to officers, directors, employees, agents, licensors and suppliers.